Waiting. And waiting some more.

It turns out I am not a very patient person and yet I find myself doing a whole lot of waiting right now. I am waiting for my editor to read my revised manuscript. I am also waiting for the same editor to give me the go-ahead on the concept for the next book. I am waiting for my agent to read a little something I wrote on the side. I am waiting for a mom/neighbor/friend to do some art work for a project we are working on together. I am waiting for another possible co-collaborator to clear her desk so we can revise our book again.

[taps nails on desk; checks email; yup. still waiting.]

"Go for a massage!" people will say!
"Read a book!"
"Clean the house!"

All good ideas, of course, but my daughter still goes to daycare 18 hours a week so I am PAYING to wait during those 18 hours, which makes me not want to wait but to DO! Which is why I've started a new adult (gasp!) book. Maybe it's time to dust off the ole "McCarthy" name and write about some grown-ups again?

It would probably be a better use of my time to just plow ahead with the next YA book idea on the assumption that editor will say, "Go forth and write it." Or to maybe start thinking of all the business-y stuff having to do with the eventual release of my next book...But that's still not for more than a year!

Yes, that's me. Waiting.

Bloggity blog blog

I've been spending a lot of time, lately, wondering when and how people find the time and energy to blog. I know it's the "done thing" these days, especially for writers. But I've never quite found my blog voice/rhythm. Some of you may recall my foolish announcement many moons ago that I was going to start blogging every day.

[record scratch]

Hill. Air. Eos.

Anyway, I've been mostly hiding under a rock with the revision of my next book. Which still won't be out for more than another year. Which ostensibly gives me a lot of time in which to bore people to death talking about it. I guess a blog would be a good place to do that. Right? I would start now if I could! But the title of the book when it sold, CONEY ISLAND HIGH, is going to change and the new, actual title has not yet been agreed upon, though I think there is a front runner.

So maybe I'll start popping up here more. Or maybe I will just start my next book and go back to wondering how people who write books and have lives also find time to be witty or informative or entertaining on a daily basis...


I'm baaa-ack!

Well, it's official! I have a new publishing home. The wonderful folks at Dutton books, who bring you John Green and Lauren Myracle and Gayle Forman and more, will now be bringing you ME. Happy day for me as the official deal report turns up. Here it is:

The Pursuit of Happiness and What Happens Here author Tara Altebrando's CONEY ISLAND HIGH, about a girl who inherits her grandfather's house on Coney Island and sets about discovering her late mother's past - and Coney's - while struggling for acceptance among a clique of freaks at school, to Julie Strauss-Gabel at Dutton Children's, in a two-book deal, for publication in Summer 2011, by David Dunton at Harvey Klinger (World).

Zarr v. Altebrando

Sara Zarr and I had a fun time talking about my new book, "What Happens Here," on her blog. I always enjoy reading Sara's interviews so it was a real thrill to be on the receiving end of her awesome questions. Here is our lively, real-time IM exchange! 

NYC Reading reminder!

"What Happens Here" was officially released yesterday! YAY! Come see me read tonight with a fantastic bunch of fellow YA authors....
The reading is at the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library (425 6th Ave, at 10th St., NYC) from 6-7:30 PM.

Here is the amazing list of readers:

  • Tara Altebrando, What Happens Here
  • Libba Bray, Up All Night
  • Erin Haft, Meet Me at the Boardwalk
  • Cheryl Klam, The Pretty One
  • Nico Medina, Fat Hoochie Prom Queen
  • Rachel Vail, Lucky
  • David Van Etten (aka David Levithan, David Ozanich, and Chris Van Etten), Likely Story

Guest blogging away...

Head on over to Jocelyn's fab Teen Book Review site to read the first of a handful of guest blog appearances I'll be making in the next few weeks. I wrote a little bit about how it was that I came to write YA novels. We're also giving away a book to a randomly selected commenter under the blog entry (not here!).

Here you go:

Guest Blog @ Teen Book Review