April 28th, 2010

Waiting. And waiting some more.

It turns out I am not a very patient person and yet I find myself doing a whole lot of waiting right now. I am waiting for my editor to read my revised manuscript. I am also waiting for the same editor to give me the go-ahead on the concept for the next book. I am waiting for my agent to read a little something I wrote on the side. I am waiting for a mom/neighbor/friend to do some art work for a project we are working on together. I am waiting for another possible co-collaborator to clear her desk so we can revise our book again.

[taps nails on desk; checks email; yup. still waiting.]

"Go for a massage!" people will say!
"Read a book!"
"Clean the house!"

All good ideas, of course, but my daughter still goes to daycare 18 hours a week so I am PAYING to wait during those 18 hours, which makes me not want to wait but to DO! Which is why I've started a new adult (gasp!) book. Maybe it's time to dust off the ole "McCarthy" name and write about some grown-ups again?

It would probably be a better use of my time to just plow ahead with the next YA book idea on the assumption that editor will say, "Go forth and write it." Or to maybe start thinking of all the business-y stuff having to do with the eventual release of my next book...But that's still not for more than a year!

Yes, that's me. Waiting.